About the Firm - Intern Training Program - Design Skills

At Sutton Yantis Associates Architects we believe that Intern Architects should acquire both technical and design mastery of architectural practice in preparation for taking their Professional Licensing Examinations. An Intern’s initial training, as described above, deals with developing the technical skills required to take a building’s schematic design to a construction ready set of documents. Computer drafting using AutoCAD software completes this work.

As an Intern’s technical skills progress, we introduce them to our approach to developing schematic design solutions. We believe that Architects must still have the ability to present design solution through hand drawn sketches. The key component of any project in our office is a face to face meeting with our clients where we actively draw design solutions during the course of the meeting. To acquire the level of drawing skill necessary to conduct these meetings, our Interns are constantly encouraged to present their design ideas during progress meetings with Project Architects and Principals.

The Intern Training at Sutton Yantis Associates Architects is a proven success. We have a 100% success rate for graduate architects who have taken the exam after completing their professional training at the firm.

For information regarding employment opportunities at SYAA please contact tglewis@syaa.com

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