About the Firm - Our Design Process

Sutton Yantis Associates Architects provides design service to our clients with a highly organized staff of professional Architects. We work closely together to insure that the project’s technical and functional requirements are met while being provided with an artistic quality that often surpasses all initial expectations.

Most of the design work at our firm originates in face to face meetings with our clients, where the Project Architect completes a series of plan and façade sketches to delineate the size and character of an architectural commission. Hand drawn sketches that quickly and effectively communicate a design concept are the key component to this process. To accomplish this requires a unique combination of technical skill and talent from our architects.

From initial sketches, we refine our designs through computer aided drafting. Our networked CADD system allows us to draw from an enormous library of building components and quickly produce scaled drawings from the initial sketches. These drawings then become the basis for further dialogue with our clients, as the design is refined into completed construction documents.

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